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Self-Registration Scheme for Employees


No. HO/B&C/   /2002/


January 08, 2003

I am pleased to inform you that after Amnesty and Self-Assessment Schemes for employers, EOBI has completed the ingredients of Self-Registration Scheme for employees also. 

2.        Under Section 11(2) and 11(3), the Insured Person has the right to communicate his name and prescribed particulars to the Institution and the Institution is under obligation to register the name of the establishment and Insured Person accordingly. 

3.        The law has been amended to secure the right of pension for the employee by paying his own share of contribution @Rs.20/- per month (amendment in Section 22 of EOB Act 1976 vide Ordinance No.XLVI of 2002 dated 27th August 2002). 

4.        Rule 3(9) of EOB (Contribution) Rules 1976 prescribes the procedure for payment of insured person share where the employer does not deduct and deposit contribution under Section 9B of the Act.  For this purpose, a new form PR-03A has been devised to make it convenient for such insured persons to make payment of their own contribution so that they may remain eligible for pension under the EOB Act.  Such insured persons shall produce a copy of paid challan of form PR-03A alongwith pass book as defined in Rule 2(e) to the nearest office of the Institution for entry of the particulars regarding payment.  The Incharge of the said office shall acknowledge the receipt on the basis of paid challan. 

5.        If, the employer of such insured person is not registered, the institution shall take steps to register the employer according to Law. 

6.        The amendment in the EOBI (Contribution) Rules and the procedure for deposit of contribution under Self-Registration Scheme by the employee has been explained in detail in Circular No.25/2002-03 which is also available on our Website ( . 

7.        You are, therefore, requested to bring these amendments in the knowledge of your member associations and deserving employees serving in the insurable establishment to avail the Self-Registration Scheme by providing complete particulars under Section 11(2) of EOB Act-1976 and paying their own contribution under Rule-3(9) of EOBI (Contribution) Rules 1976 as explained above.



                                                                                                          (Khalid Javed Chaudhry)

                                                                                 Acting Director General (Ops)


All Zonal/Regional Heads