Constant review of processes, policies & procedures in consultation with stakeholders to improve viability, service, economy and efficiency;

  • Introduce ‘Participative Management’;

  • Undertake ‘Structural Re-organization and Adjustment’;

  • Improve ‘Human Resource Management’;

  • Improve ‘Risk Management’;

  • Frame and implement comprehensive EDP Plan and modern technology;

  • Undertake concrete measures for reduction in compliance cost and removal of irritants;

  • Improve service to pensioners by introduction of measures to boost self respect and human dignity;

  • Popularize the Scheme through education of employers & employees by most effective media campaign;

  • Ensure expeditious dispute resolution through tripartite meetings;

  • Ensure maximum use of facilities, opportunities and services offered by national and international organizations for achievement of above objectives;

  • Make best use of lessons learnt from past-experience of the Institution, the  experience of developing/developed countries and comparable national institutions;

  • Establish useful linkages, contacts and coordination with sister organizations working for labour welfare;

  • Build in-house strong capabilities/capacity of crucial special skills like actuarial valuation, management of investment portfolio and EDP.  Meanwhile utilize advice/service of best consultants in specialized fields;

  • Convert EOB Scheme into a State Pension Scheme (SPS) for employees based on defined contribution and benefit by mutual participation of employers and employees;

  • Introduce legal changes to promote voluntary compliance, minimize discretion, remove anomalies and improve efficiency/service.

  • Concentrate on core activity and high income generation in most desirable ways in accordance with overall macro economic policy.

  • Adopt a Code of Conduct on the pattern of Code of Conduct for Civil Servants 1964.

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