Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution

Ministry of Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis

Government of Pakistan

Circular No. 10 of 2002-03:


No. HO/BS/10/OPS/2002

 August 06, 2002


CIRCULAR NO. 10/2002-03




It has been noted that despite considerable efforts the Institution has not been able to construct record of employers and contributions paid by them over the past years. The individual accounts of employees are not being maintained. It is not ascertainable from our own records as to how much contribution has been paid on behalf of a particular insured person by his employer and we have to rely on employers' record even for processing pension claims of their employees. This record is essential for following reasons.


  To compute pension.


  To determine correct liability of the Institution on account of pension payable


  To issue intimation letters to the insured persons.


  To consider introduction of the system of fund management according to different age groups.


  To restore confidence in EOB Scheme and the Institution.

2.   PR-04 forms were devised to build up such record but experience shows that record could not be completed in any of the region and the Institution has yet to rely on the employer's record. After thorough analysis of the issue and due consultation with employers, Chambers of commerce and associations it has been decided to build up the past record with the assistance of the employers majority of whom have graciously offered to provide assistance in preparation of record to reduce their burden of compliance, time and cost. It is hoped that the Executive Officers, Regional Heads, and Zonal Heads shall have already approached the employers to furnish data on diskettes in prescribed formats for the last 15 years in respect of their employees. It is expected that most of the employers are maintaining their record on computers and shall assist in record building for mutual benefit. The EDP Division shall provide technical assistance in transformation of data. The employers shall also be provided the facility to transmit data through e-mail. The procedure and formats of such transmission will be displayed on the website of the EOBI.

3.   As regard the data for July 2002 on wards it shall be supplied on the form PR-02/PR-02A in accordance with the procedure prescribed and the amount of contributions and number of insured persons shall be treated un-changed constantly until any change is intimated by the employer in the prescribed format whereafter adjustments shall be made by the Executive Officer/Data Entry Officer in accordance with the instructions/guidance of EDP Division. The format for intimation of changes PR-02B is annexed. At the close of the year the EDP System shall work out amount of annual contribution in respect of each insured person and credit to his ledger account which shall be complete his 16 years account.

4.   This system is based on co-operation of employers which should be sought for the mutual benefits. It is hoped that the employers shall render necessary assistance and co-operation which shall save them from the hassle of providing such information in piecemeal and frequent visit of EOBI officials. The system based on sincere cooperation of employers, employees and the Institution is bound to succeed.

5.   The record building in respect of employers and employees shall be monitored through the Monthly Progress Report of field activities circulated vide IOM NO. HO/B&C/2/1/2002 dated 31-07-2002. In case of smaller employers where record is not maintained or the employer is reluctant to provide the same on diskette efforts shall be made to collect it manually and feed it in the computers. In this connection PR-04 may be used and the annual contributions may be got verified from the employers before feeding it in the computer.

6.   The hard copy of each employer and sub-accounts of his employees showing contributions paid on account of each employee shall be prepared by the Executive Officer/Data Entry Officer concerned and got authenticated by the employer for proper verification of contribution paid by the employer for processing pension claims.



                                                                                                    (M. SHAFI MALIK)