Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution

Ministry of Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis

Government of Pakistan

Circular No. 03 of 2002-03: "COMPLIANCE OF CHAIRMAN'S DIRECTIVES "


No. HO/BS/3/OPS/2002

 July 13 , 2002


CIRCULAR NO. 03/2002-03






1. Since Data Collection Registers have been despatched, all E.O / A.D (Field) will concentrate on gathering information from different sources without visiting registered employers. The Field Officers shall not visit the registered units except with prior written approval from the Regional Head for the purpose of verification of claim cases or ascertaining the facts regarding closure of the establishment. The Regional Heads shall invariability send a copy of said approval containing specific purpose of visit to the Zonal Head. No record checking will be carried out, till further orders.

2. At the time of registration of employers, all prescribed forms shall be handed over to the employers and got filled up in one go.

3. Peace-meals requisition of documents and claim verification shall be avoided. Efforts shall be made to collect information from authentic published material and reliable data available with Government Departments and Agencies.

4. Maximum efforts should be made to enforce voluntary compliance through meetings, seminars and workshop to educate and motivate both employers and employees.

5. Zonal Offices shall supervise operations closely and monitor activities of Regional Offices vigilantly. They shall maintain liaison with Employers' and Employees' Associations to ensure protection of rights of each class and judicious execution of EOB Act, 1976.

6. This issues with the approval of the competent authority

Director General (Operations)