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Circular No. 02 of 2002-03: "Guidelines For Operation For Construction of Comprehensive Data Base "


No. HO/BS/2/OPS/2002

 July 2 , 2002


CIRCULAR NO. 02/2002-03



Guidelines For Operation For Construction of Comprehensive Data Base



In continuation of letter No. HO/DG/Cir-02/2002/303 dated 06/06/2002 and Circular No. 6 following guidelines are issued for collection, collation and reporting of information regarding industrial and commercial establishments.

A.   Training

A brief session of all the Field Officers will be held by the Zonal / Regional Heads concerned to explain the objective and method of collection of information from various sources without contacting the employer. Contents of circular, instructions, method of collection of information and various columns of MSPRO1 shall be explained to them in detail. The issues not clearly explained in the circular shall be referred to DDG-B&C in Head Office for prompt reply. It may be clarified that the aim of the exercise is to collect data regarding all establishments collectively and its incorporation in the Survey Register by the concerned filed officer. (Specimen of the register for benefit of field officers is placed as Annex-A.)

B.   Responsibility of Various Officers

(1)     Zonal/Regional Heads.

The Zonal / Regional Heads shall be responsible for collection of Utility Data, information from Labour Welfare Department etc., in accordance with Circular No.6 /2001-02. They shall ensure proper access to data so collected to the Field Officers working under them in most efficient manner preferably in diskettes relating to their beats for incorporation in the Register. Name and address of establishment shall be written in legible capital letters.

(2)     Field Officers

Field Officers shall be primarily responsible for filling up the forms pertaining to their beats. They shall also be responsible for entry of data in computers. It will be advisable for them to first make entry of particulars of employers given in Sr. No. 1 to 9 available with the Development Authorities & from EOBI's own record. In column 4 beside name of the owner name and complete particular of the latest occupants shall be distinctly mentioned. Remaining columns shall be filled in respect of latest occupant. They shall fill in the rest of the columns from information collected by the Zonal / Regional Heads from other sources. The Field Officers concerned shall be responsible for accuracy of the data which shall be checked and authenticated by the Regional Heads upto 5% and 1% by Zonal Head.

(3)     General Instructions

( i )     Column 19 is a general column to be filled in from Government Publications, Research Publication and the data compiled and published by Chamber, list of Trade Associations or any other authentic source including web site of the employer or relevant institution. In case authentic data from more than one organizations is available to Field Officer/Regional Head, they shall verify the authenticity and record sources of data and the reason for its adoption after due consultation with superior authorities in accordance with law.

( ii )     The Regional Head after completion of the information shall consolidate and construct computerized survey register in addition to preparation of diskettes of the same which shall be passed on the Zonal Heads.

( iii )     The Zonal Head on the basis of Disk received from the Regional Head shall construct computerized Zonal Register of Employers and pass on data on the diskettes to DDG EDP Division Head Office for compilation of National Data Base.

(iv)     The DDG EDP Division in close coordination with DG(Ops) shall consolidate the zone-wise data at National level which will be cross-verified and checked before final publication and presentation.

( v )     The Regional Head shall submit weekly reports regarding completion of Register to the Zone. The Zone shall report performance of its activity to DDG (B&C). The format of report is placed as annex "B".

( vi )     We understand that some of the Zones have already collected the information and some of the Regions are near completion of their job. The activity of collection and incorporation of data in final shape should be completed up to 31-08-2002 positively.

( vii )     The EDP Division shall make arrangements of conversion of data and its classification in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme.

( viii )     This survey shall be confined to industrial/commercial areas in the first instance and the units shall be covered on the following criteria:

      (a) All Industrial Establishments.
      (b) All Commercial Establishments registered with Labour Department
            under laws specified in the form MSPR01.
      (c) All Commercial Establishments comprising of covered area of 500
            square feet or more.

C.   Analysis and Report:-

Regional Heads on the basis of their experience and analysis of data collected through the exercise shall compile reports depicting results inter-alia projecting increase in registration of employers, employees, contribution and prospective liabilities and consequential adjustments needed for management of increased number of cases, maintenance of accounts and requirements of hard-ware and soft-ware. The Zonal Heads on the basis of such reports, data and experience shall compile and submit comprehensive reports on or before 30th September 2002, along with tables of the data.

The information regarding Establishments situated in residential areas shall be collected in second phase after compilation of present exercise.

Please confirm all clear.




                                                                             Director General (Operations)