Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution

Ministry of Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis

Government of Pakistan

Circular No. 13 of 2002-03: "MEDICAL BOARD FOR INVALIDITY PENSION. "


No. HO/BS/13/OPS/2002

 August 12, 2002


CIRCULAR NO. 13/2002-03






One of the qualifying conditions for invalidity pension is "Degree of Invalidity". This degree of invalidity should be ascertained by a Medical Board. According to Regulation 2(e) of EOB (Payment of Invalidity Allowance) Regulation 1981, Medical Board means a panel of doctors appointed by the Institution for assessing the degree of invalidity sustained by an insured person. It will be observed that a panel of doctor connotes more than one doctor. Contrary to this, it is the practice in EOBI that a single doctor assesses the degree of invalidity pension. This has given rise to agitation and dispute by some of the affected claimants.

2.       In view of the above it is decided that in every region a panel of doctor consisting of one medical specialist and one surgical specialist be constituted. The Regional Heads should refer the profile of doctors to the Head Office for approval. In Karachi a centralized medical board will be constituted under the supervision of Chief Medical Advisor. Hence forth all regions at Karachi shall refer the cases to the Chief Medical Advisor for assessment of invalidity.

3.       This supercedes our previous circular No. HO/B&C/BTS/CIR/965 dated 20/5/2002.

4.       This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

                                                                                               DIRECTOR GENERAL (OPS)