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CIRCULAR NO.05 of 2004-2005 "Data Entry of Information Collected by DEO/DPO"


No. HO/EDP/DE/2004-05

 September 15, 2004


CIRCULAR NO. 05/2004-05



Data Entry of Information Collected by DEO/DPO



In appreciation of the increasing workload of field officers/beat officers and their increased responsibilities towards quality record building, it has been decided by the Management that all work related to data entry of records/information on computers in zonal/regional offices will be performed by the Data Entry Officers/Data Processing Officers. The job description of DEO/DPO placed in regional offices would be as follows:    

FUNCTIONS OF DEO / DPO (at Regional Offices)

These functions have been assigned to the DEO/DPO who will look-after the system, data, and impart training to EO's of their respective regions. 

       Enters data from source documents according to procedure devised for each source document.

        Verify the same data by re-entering the same document.

        Matches number of entered records by batch-total.

        Takes backup.

       Interact with the Regional Head to remove any errors found in the data provided, data not

          provided for any period, etc., or for any other related matter.

       Interact with the EDP Department at the Head Office for discussing any problems with

         reference to computer hardware, software and other administrative matters.

      Interact with EDP officials or vendorís representative on oneís visit to the region.

      Submit monthly progress reports and backups to EDP Department at Head Office andcomputer

        hardware & software status.

      Provide any other report as desired by users at region or at Head Office.

      DEO/DPO will obtain written certification from the Regional Head concerned before entering     any data. This certification will pertain to accuracy of the data provided by field officers. 

Extra Duty Allowance, being drawn by Executive Officers, sanctioned vide Office Order No. 26/2002 dated December 3, 2002, is hereby withdrawn. In future, this allowance would be admissible only to those Executive Officers who perform data entry work provided that their core job does not suffer.



                                                                                                                        (Farooq A. Awan)

                                                                                                Acting Chairman



ddgbc@eobi.gov.pk , ddlaw@eobi.gov.pk




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