• Lay down standard parameters of performance for all jobs in field and Head Office

  • Evolve a system of performance related incentives

  • Ensure objective evaluation of performance

  • Postings, transfers & promotions be made on the basis of performance

  • Recruitment Policy to be revised to match job-classification/job description with job-specifications.  Induction at E.O. level to be made purely on merit.  Following qualifications may be prescribed.

  • M.Com
  • MBA                (Computer)
  • MPA                (Literate)
  • C.A. Inter
  • MA/M.Sc. (Economics/Maths/Statistics)
  • LLB
  • Training at all levels shall be enshrined in the culture of the organization

  • Manual of Operations, Accounts, Audit to be prepared and updated annually

  • Annual Reports shall be prepared by all Zonal and Divisional Heads to reflect implementation of reform programme and their contribution in improvement made in their Zone/Division

  • Proper pursuit of court cases

  • General Administration to be separated from Real Estate Division and Training from Publicity Wing.  Both shall be placed under Human Resource Division. The later shall also be responsible for dealing with associations & CBA

  • Training & Research functions shall be combined and developed

  • Short Training Programmes to implement reforms shall be organized at Head Office and Zonal level by Human Resource Division

  • Training Scheme for Actuaries shall be prepared in collaboration and coordination with State Life Insurance Corporation on the pattern of SLIC Scheme

  • Training of Investment Mangers shall be arranged by the Investment Adviser in the process of advice and execution of the job

  • Personnel of specialized skills may be inducted on deputation or hired on contract till in-house capability is built up

  • Career Planning shall be made on scientific lines

  • Recruitment, Postings & Promotions shall be made on merit strictly adhering to the principle of right man for the right job

  • Performance Evaluations shall be made on the basis of pre-determined performance parameters

  • A scheme for Voluntary Retirement may be designed by making the  retirement attractive and beneficial on the pattern of SLIC Scheme

  • Discipline shall be enforced objectively to deal with cases of corruption, inefficiency and indiscipline

  • Notified or surprise visit of field offices shall be made by senior officer to check operation, discipline, punctuality and adherence to law & rules

Number of Zones to be reduced by merging smaller Zones

  • Zones may be made effective through delegation of functions and powers

  • Power to adjust manpower and field officers in consultation with Head Office

  • Power to write off arrears up to Rs.5,000

  • Power to sanction leaves of subordinates, such as 1- Casual Leaves 2- Earned Leaves

Functions of Zones: may be defined as under:-

  • Parametric selection of cases for audit under self-assessment scheme

  • Monitoring, Inspection and supervision of Regional Offices

  • Training and Refresher Courses, seminars and workshops for officers & staff

  • Supervision of operation for collection of information for map survey

  • Evaluation and recommendation of standard norms of employment in specific industries for  approval by HO

  • Post Audit of regions and supervision of internal Audit cells in Regions

  • Preparation of Zonal revenue and expenditure accounts

  • Protection and maintenance of Real Estate and properties of the Institution falling in jurisdiction of the zone

  • Removal of genuine grievances of pensioners

  • Ensure delivery of intimation letters and regular payment of benefits to deserving insured persons

  • Evaluate & monitor performance of Regional and Field Offices

  • Liaison with Labour Department, Chambers, Associations of Employers & employees

  • Provide guidance and assistance to subordinate offices

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