After re-engineering of processes, a comprehensive integrated EDP Plan shall be prepared to cater for the following

  • Collate Map Survey data and generate list of potential registerable cases

  • Establish online links with important sources of data like utility companies and labour welfare departments

  • On the basis of data collected from various sources, generate list of probable cases of under-statement of contribution to form basis for parametric selection for audit

  • After comparison of information provided by the employer, collected by the department and actual collection of contribution reported by the Banks in form PR-03, generate list of defaulters alongwith the amount of contribution not paid or less-paid

  • Complete employer-wise individual accounts of Insured Persons and generate statements of their accounts alongwith intimation letters

  • To build-up comprehensive integrated database comprising of essential requirement for determination of pension and generate the list of persons entitled for pension on 10th of July each year showing the names and dates of retirement alongwith the amount of pension

  • Introduce computerized accounting

  • Generate standard formats for Inter-Office Memos and statutory notices

  • Introduce and encourage use of e-mail through Internet facilities

  • Computerize Human Resource record and use it as basis for Career Planning

  • Generate grading list of officers on the basis of pre-determined performance parameters

  • Generate Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports

  • Compile and process data required for Actuarial Valuation

  • Maintain complete record of Demand & Show Cause Notices issued

  • Maintain Demand & Collection Register and generate list of net amounts recoverable from employers/employees

  • Maintain arrears ledger accounts of employers/employees and generate list of defaulters as and when required

  • Training on the programmes developed by EDP. All Executive Officers shall be imparted training to enable them to work completely independently.  Accurate data entry in respect of their Beats shall be the responsibility of Executive Officer concerned

  • Keeping the hardware & software up-date in accordance with changes in systems/procedures and development of technology

  • Build and maintain proper web-site to display legal changes, provide facility of down-loading forms and other information considered necessary for achievement of objectives of the Institution

  • Maintain constant liaison with EDP Departments of respective banks to ensure automatic record keeping, reconciliation, coordination, eliminate duplications and minimize time and cost of data processing

  • Make best use of the web-sites of establishments and other organizations displaying information relevant for research, operations or future development of EOBI

  • Provide relevant information to employers and employees at Head Office and Regional Offices regarding their ledger accounts, payments through reception desks, helplines etc

  • Develop software for efficient processing of proposals and Management of Investment Portfolio

  • Develop software for efficient Management of Real Estate

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