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  • Due to the low rate of return and difficulties in management in Real Estate business, the investment in the Real Estate shall be given lower priority

  • Only good bargains pertaining to clear titled commercial plot/building may be executed for own offices of the Institution

  • Purchase of buildings in residential areas shall be avoided to eliminate the problems of commercialization fee etc. and un-easy access

  • Small offices in commercial areas with high potential for increase in value may be constructed/purchased with provision of accommodation for banks or reputable national institutions performing related functions

  • One or two room on the pattern of Bachelor Officers Quarters may be reserved/constructed  for use of employees of the Institution at reasonable rent

  • In bigger cities, at least one furnished room may be reserved for visiting officers to minimize hotel expenditure

  • No property shall remain unutilized to avoid deterioration of value and unnecessary fixed costs like watchman, electricity etc

  • Illegal occupation of the properties shall be checked by entrusting the responsibility of protection of property to the local Regional/Zonal Heads. They shall not only have constant watch on properties in their jurisdiction but shall also evaluate good proposals for profitable use and sale of buildings.  They shall make suitable recommendations at appropriate time for purchase/sale etc. of properties

  • Vacant plots if found profitable for construction, shall be so constructed or sold when found feasible to avoid non-utilization charges

  • The new construction, additions/alterations and major repairs and maintenance shall be carried out preferably through government controlled consultants i.e. NESPAK, PEPAC, REMCO, FMCL etc. Contractors for each job shall be pre-qualified for work at various stations

  • Periodical maintenance of all the properties shall be done through pre-qualified contractors for respective cities.  The emergency works may be carried out locally by Regional/Zonal Head with the approval of Competent Authority through Real Estate Division

  • Uniform standards of rates of various jobs shall be maintained for all stations

  • Separate accounts for property income shall be maintained and monitored.  Performance of Real Estate Division shall be evaluated on the basis of increase in property income, capital gains and reduction in litigation

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