• Effective media shall be used for education of employers and employees through the programmes focusing on their respective needs.

  • Help-Lines shall be operated to respond to the questions and queries by employers and employees regarding relevant law,/rules and to render assistance in discharge of their obligations through universal telephone line.

  • Radio being effective and cheap media shall be used to communicate with employees and potential insurable persons to enlighten them about their rights and obligations.

  • Programmes like “SAIBAAN” furnishing correct answers regarding queries made shall be continued and improved.

  • Monthly ‘Newsletter’ covering amendments in law, rules and instructions and covering important events of EOBI shall be issued and circulated to all stakeholders i.e. field offices, chambers of commerce, employees associations and employers associations etc.

  • Guide for the benefit of employers and employees shall be published, both in English and Urdu explaining recent changes in law, systems and procedures.

  • Meetings and Seminars through tripartite cooperation i.e. EOBI, Employers & Employees, shall be held and proper coverage through Television, Radio and Print Media shall be arranged.

  • On important issues press conferences, interviews of concerned officers, employers and employees shall be arranged to generate awareness, update knowledge of stakeholders and get a direct feed back for improvement in Administration and Policy.

  • Meetings with Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Employers Associations and Employees Associations shall be held with proper coverage by appropriate media.

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