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  • Eradication of corruption by designing the scheme, system and procedure which eliminate the possibility of corruption;

  • Minimize contact with employers by E.Os

  • Minimize discretion by switching over to system of indirect verifications;

  • Close monitoring, supervision and audit;

  • Improve registration record of employers, employees, contributions and supply computer-generated ledger of Accounts periodically for reconciliation and confirmation;

  • Cleaning of records by de-registration of defunct units, waiver/write off of irrecoverable arrears and reflect correct picture in Monthly Progress Reports, fixing realistic targets and reflecting correct figures in Accounts & Financial Statement;

  • Revive annual communication of cumulative contribution to the credit of each employee;

  • Generate list of defaulters showing contributions not paid or less paid through computer;

  • Generate list of persons whose pension shall become due during the year with exact dates and amount of pension through computer;

  • Publicize the measures taken to improve transparency, viability and credibility of the Institution;

  • Hold seminars, workshops to discuss the reforms with national and international experts.

  • The name of the Institution may be changed from EOBI to “State Pension Authority (SPA)”. In contrast to Private Pension companies the name of EOB Scheme shall be changed to State Pension Scheme (SPS).

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