• The rate of fixed contribution shall be determined on the basis of authentic actuarial valuation report by one of the two most well-known actuaries namely M/s. Akhtar & Hassan (Pvt.) Ltd. OR Sidat Hyder Morshid Associates (Pvt.) Ltd

  • Actuarial valuation shall be made every three years instead of five years.

  • No change in the pension schemes involving enhancement of financial obligation of the “State Pension Authority” shall be made without actuarial valuation and provision for matching finances to meet the resource gap.

  • Statutory period of actuarial valuation shall be reduced from five to three years and actuarial certificate attached to financial statement to certify financial health of the Scheme.

  • Transparent systems and procedures shall be enforced and periodic meetings shall be held with representatives of employers & employees to solicit their views on ways and means of generation of maximum income from contribution, investments and other possible avenues.

  • At appropriate time, the Institution shall be got ISO 9000 certified to establish credibility of Institution by international standards.

  • State Pension Scheme shall be backed by Government guarantees.

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