Monitoring & Evaluation






  • The functions of Monitoring & Inspection at various levels shall be defined for proper coordination and effectiveness.

  • The Inspection Offices shall serve as check on field activities.

  • Superior Offices i.e Head Office & Zonal Office shall be responsible for providing guidance and assistance under Functional Specialization Programme to improve professional working of Inspection Teams.

  • Superior Offices shall monitor and evaluate Inspection Plans and Inspection Reports of subordinate offices.

  • Regional Head being Incharge of field officers responsible for checking books of accounts of the employer shall monitor their activities and exercise effective control to ensure complete adherence to laws, rules and regulations (Section 12, SRO-761/I-80 dated 19th July 1980 and instruction issued by the Institution from time to time.

  •  Inspection Department at Head Office shall assist Operation Division in collaboration with Research Wing to build standard criteria for selection of cases for Inspection.

  • Parameters for employment of Insured Persons shall be standardized on the basis of reports from Zonal Committees.

  • In cases of Registration under Section 12(3) of the EOB Act-1976, proper evidence shall be recorded, confronted and evaluated before passing proper order.

  • Reasonable %age of the orders under Section 12(3) shall be inspected and technically evaluated by Zonal Inspection Teams to provide guidance and point out cases of connivance/negligence/undue harassment for appropriate disciplinary action.

  • Zonal Monitoring & Inspection Teams shall inspect Regional Offices to check maintenance of record, enforcement of Law, Rules & Regulations, maintenance of registers, adherence of operation and automation plan, speed and maintenance of payment of benefits, reconciliation of contribution and payment of benefits with banks, recovery of arrears, accuracy of data-base constructed through Map Survey, utilization of information etc.

  • Complaints regarding field operation shall be investigated by Head Office Inspection Team marked by the Chairman and by Zonal Inspection Teams marked by Director General (Operations)/Zonal Head.

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