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    • Training needs of all departments shall be assessed and training programmes developed accordingly.

             --- Training Courses shall comprise of the following:-

    1. Training after recruitment.

    2. Training at the juncture of change of responsibilities on promotion

    3. Middle Management Training

    4. Senior Management Training

    5. Short Refresher Courses according to specific need of the Institution

    6. Professional Training in various National Training Institutes like NIPA & Pakistan Administrative Staff College etc

  • Long and short-term Training Policies for improvement of qualification in the relevant field of existing manpower shall be developed.

  • The availability of domestic and foreign scholarships shall be explored and deserving officials/officers shall be sent for such training.

  • Training Scheme for Actuaries shall be prepared in collaboration and coordination with State Life Insurance Corporation on the pattern of SLIC Scheme.

  • Training of Investment Managers shall be arranged in consultation with Experts on “Fund Management”.

  • Employers/Employees Seminars and workshops shall be held in collaboration with Publicity Department.

  • Record of lectures, proceedings of seminars shall be maintained and published in addition to the Training Manuals, which shall be developed in coordination with respective departments.

  • Training shall be organized at zonal Level with collaboration and assistance of Zonal Heads.

  • Zonal Training Schemes shall be sponsored and supported.

  • The Head office shall organize training at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Liaison Office.

  • A well-equipped Library shall be maintained in the Training Centre ensuring availability of relevant books, periodicals, journals etc.


  • Well-qualified personnel from within the Institution shall be designated as “Research Scholars” and may not necessarily be posted in Training and Research Wing.

  • Research Wing shall maintain liaison with National and International Research Institutes, relevant to Social Security and labour welfare.

  • Research shall include inter-alia following subjects:-
  1. international trends in Social Security Development

  2. Comparative analysis of coverage, contribution, cost and benefits. Enhancement of EOB Scheme in the perspective of Actuarial reports/suggestions

  3. Appraisal of performance of EOBI in historical and comparative perspective. Improvement in internal dynamics of the Institution

  4. Development of parametric analysis: sources & techniques/categorization of industries (nature, degree of automation, production etc.)

  5. Evaluation for achievement of objectives of EOBI

  6. EOBI and Private Pension Schemes

  7. Fund Management and choices for EOBI

  8. investment Policy for EOBI

  9. Appraisal of reforms programmes and proposals for future reforms

  10. Preparation of brief summaries of material on Social Security available on web-sites

  11. Socio-cultural studies of the impacts of EOB Scheme and disbursement of benefits in the light of new ISSA trend

  12. Exploration of best and relevant courses available along with names of Institutions and cost

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