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Update regarding Core IT Infrastructure Project – Category # 2 Software

The  advertisement for the category # 2  “Software” was published in Daily JANG, DAWN  as well as EOBI, PPRA Websites on 28-06-08 for the collection of RFP and submission of “Technical Proposals” up to 15th July, 2008 which was extended  up to 2nd August, 2008 vide republished on 21st July, 2008.

In this regard, thirteen (13) bidders collected the RFPs but only four (04) bidders have submitted their “Technical Proposals” which were opened by the Purchase Committee on 2nd August, 2008 at EOBI Head Office. The names of participant bidders are as under:-

1.       M/s. Ibn Khaldun Systems

2.       M/s. Invaterra

3.       Emergen Consulting Private Limited

4.       Computer Research (Pvt) Ltd.
     The evaluation of the “Technical Proposals” has also been sta