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A visit of Honourable Minister along with Mr. Secretary to B&C-III Islamabad. Mr. Khaqan Murtaza, a BS-21 Officer of Pakistan Administrative Services has assumed the charge of the post of the Chairman, EOBI.   Read More...

superannuation at the age of 60 for men and 55 for women and 55 years for those miners who are in mining occupation for at least 10 years immediately preceding retirement. Old Age pension can not be allowed for more than 6 months retroactively
In the case of the death of an insured person. while in insurable employment but after he had completed not less than thirty six months insurable employment, the surviving spouse, if any, shall be entitled to a life pension
An insured person who sustains invalidity shall be entitled to an [invalidity pension] Provided that where the employee was insured under the provision of this Act. contributions in respect of him were paid for not less than five years since his entry into insurable employment and for not less than three years during the period of five years preceding the month in which he sustains invalidity
In case the deceased of the surviving spouse in receipt of a survivor pension. pension would be allowed to his minor children (boy till the age of 18) tobe distributed equally.
Pension to Parents
if the deceased pensioner is not survived by a spouse or children, the pension would be paid to the parents for 5 years.
If an insured person, not otherwise. entitled to old_age pension, retires from insurable employment after attaining the age of sixty years, or fifty_five years in case of woman and a mine worker, and contributions in respect of him were payable for less than fifteen years, but not less 4[than two] years, he shall be entitled to an old_age grant payable in a lump sum
Mr. Khaqan Murtaza

A BS-21 Officer of Pakistan Administrative Services has assumed the charge of the post of the Chairman, EOBI.

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Introduction تعارف

EOB Act 1976 was enforced with effect from April 01, 1976, to achieve the objective of Article 38 (C) of the Constitution, by providing for compulsory social insurance.It extends Old-Age Benefits to insured persons or their survivors

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Contribution رقم

EOBI does not receive any financial assistance from the Government for carrying out its Operations. A contribution equal to 5% of minimum wages has to be paid by the Employers of all the Industrial and Commercial Organizations where EOB act is applicable. Contribution equal to 1% of minimum wages by the employees of said Organizations.

Benefits فوائد

Under EOB Scheme, Insured Persons are entitled to avail benefit like Old-Age Pension (on the event of retirement), Invalidity Pension (In case of permanent disability), Old-Age Grant (an Insured Person attained superannuation age,but does not posses the minimum threshold for pension) Survivor'; 's Pension (in case an Insured Person is expired)
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