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Presentation Guide Lines


Following are the presentation guidelines that need to be followed by the vendor to support their proposal.

1.  Vendor's View about the objective of EOBI & this Project ( 1 slide)
2.  Strength of the organization ( Max. 2 Slides)
3.  Details of Deliverables
  - Justify the deliverables are best, cost-effective and will fulfill EOBI objective
  - Demonstration of deliverables where possible
4.  Work Breakdown Structure
  - Staff/Person assign for specific task with time line
  - Explanation of delivery and implementation plan
  - Provide the Implementation plan assuming the receipt of order/LOI on 24th March
  - Specific constraints/dependencies/pre-requisite
5.  Any other comments/point/reminders/request for consideration etc.
6.  Feedback on EOBI tendering process

Note:   Presentation duration will be of max. 20 minutes.
          Maximum of two persons allowed to present/defend the proposal.

Do not use heavy graphics or animation like flash etc.
Must send soft copy of your presentation prior presenting it to EOBI.