Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution

Ministry of Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis

Government of Pakistan

Circular No. 07 of 2002-03: "TRANSPORTATION CHARGES  "


No. HO/BS/7/HRD/2002

 July 22, 2002


CIRCULAR NO. 07/2002-03



                                       TRANSPORTATION CHARGES



1.       Transportation Charges of Executive Officers, Assistant and Deputy Directors are generally approved by the Zonal Heads concerned, keeping in view the nature of duties involved during their field activities in furtherance of objectives of the Institution. Due to issuance of a letter from Head Office (F&A Division) dated 10.5.2000, it had been misconstrued that the orders are required to be issued from the Head Office.

2.       It is hereby clarified that henceforth all the Transportation Charges to the Field officers shall be allowed by the Zonal Heads concerned and to the officers posted at Head Office by the DDG(HRD), if the duties are performed for the business of the Institution. The expenses shall be subject to audit both by internal and external auditors. It is, therefore, expected that the approvals shall be accorded carefully in accordance with the rules and needs of the Institution.

3.       This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.



                                                                                                      (Abdul Hameed Chaudhry)
                                                                                                  Deputy Director General (HRD)